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Is the Ragdoll Cat the breed for you? Find out here.


15th February 2013
For excellent and impartial information about the Ragdoll breed, as well as advice on finding a reputable breeder, preparing for the arrival of a kitten, rehoming an older cat, Ragdoll care and inappropriate toileting in cats, please visit here.


14th November 2006

Please note we shall not be having any more kittens. We have taken the decision to give up breeding.


10th August 2006

We are hoping for a litter of kittens towards the end of August. We shall post details on our Kitten Page when we have news.


16th April 2006

We are proud to announce that on 13th April, VelvetSky Daisie Belle gave birth to two healthy kittens. Belle and her little ones are doing well.


13th March 2006

We have introduced a new style photo album, so please bear with us while we finish adding all our favourite photos of all our cats.

VelvetSky Samwise Gamgee

12th March 2005

Belle gave birth to a single kitten today, a healthy little boy. To see a photo, please click here.

13th September 2004

Our new little girl, Grayshus Helena Valentine, a blue tortie, has just joined our family.  Meet her here.

4th July 2004
The next chapter of our Cat Story is now on the site for you to share.  We have also updated the Our Ragdolls page.

22nd March 2004

Chloe had her kittens on 17th March.  For details click here.


5th February 2004

We have kittens due soon, for details please click here.


30th December 2003

Happy New Year to all our website visitors.  May you have a healthy, peaceful 2004.

4th December 2003

For current kitten availability click here
Please note we will have no kittens available for homing over the Christmas period.  "A Ragdoll is for life, not just for Christmas."

29th April 2003

We are proud to announce the safe arrival of Chloe's kittens, born on 28th April.  For details please click here

6th March 2003

For current kitten availability click here

28th February 2003

We have added a new chapter to our cat story, called Growing Up, the story of the first litter of VelvetSky kittens.

16th December 2002

We've been busy over the Autumn building a veranda onto the back of our house so our cats have more room to exercise and play.  Take a look here...

27th August 2002

We are proud to announce that Chloe gave birth to 2 boys and a girl last night.  We've added a kitten Photo Gallery to our site and a kitten page with homing information.  

This site was last updated on 17th February 2013 .


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