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Meet Our Ragdolls


Please Note: We no longer breed Ragdoll Cats.
All our Ragdolls are now neutered and will live their lives out with us here being loved and pampered.

If you are considering giving a home to a Ragdoll, whether a kitten or an older cat, please be sure to find out as much about the breed as possible first. For excellent, impartial information about the breed and advice on finding a kitten, please visit here.


Peachisncreme Tiffany

1st November 1997- 26th February 2008



There could never be a more special Raggie to us than Tiffany, nor one to whom we owe so much. She came into our lives at such a difficult time, when my Dad was terminally ill and with her she brought to us all a ray of sunshine.In the darkest days after Dad’s death, she never left my side and from then on, she was always near me, always close. Tiffany brought Ragdolls into our world and to her we owe our love of the breed. Had it not been for Tiffany, the UKRCC and all it stands for, would not exist. Tiffany was always a quiet, gentle, beautiful Ragdoll, a true lady to the last and we feel blessed to have been able to share 10 years with her.


Cheham LucyInTheSky 'Chloe'

DOB: 28th July 2001

Chloe is our seal mitted girl and was our first breeding Ragdoll. She is very gentle and loving, with a playful streak, especially when sweet wrappers or tin foil balls are involved! Chloe epitomises the famous Ragdoll temperament, with a relaxed view to all aspects of Ragdoll life. She had three litters of beautiful kittens, for us. She proved herself to be a wonderful, mum and all her kittens have inherited her wonderful nature.

VelvetSky Samwise Gamgee 'Sam'

DOB: 26th August 2002


Sam, is seal colour pointed and is from Chloe's first litter of kittens. We just had to keep him, because he is such an adorable boy. He is a bundle of Ragdoll mischief, but is incredibly affectionate, loves cuddles and has a huge purr. He has certainly inherited his mum's attitude to life, seemingly phased by nothing. Sam is growing into a huge boy, now weighing over 6Kg. He is a gentle giant and was fantastic with young kittens, choosing to spend much of his time with them, either washing them, playing, or just being a safe, warm companion for the kittens to cuddle up with.

VelvetSky Daisie Belle

24th April 2003 - 11th February 2009


Belle was one of our own VelvetSky kittens, born to Chloe, along with her three litter siblings, Rosie, Ainslie and Malachi. From the very beginning we knew Belle was going to be special. She was the one kitten from the litter who never minded being picked up and cuddled, even at just a few days old, and while her brothers and sisters cried, she would happily allow us to cuddle her, quietly content. Belle grew up to become such a special, important part of our family. She gave us three beautiful kittens, her little boy, Orsino and her daughters, Topaz and Sapphire. More than that, though, Belle was gentle and loving, always, and she was a true Ragdoll through and through. We always said that Belle must have read the books about the Ragdoll breed as she truly did have the Ragdoll temperament in every way.


Grayshus Orlando Mystiblu

DOB: 14th March 2004


Orlando is blue mitted and was our stud boy. He is so affectionate and a very gentle, quiet boy. Since Ollie has been neutered we have been working to reintegrate him into our home with the rest of our Raggie family. He is currently limited ot the catrun and the kitchen, as he still sprays at times, but he has supervised time in the living room with us. It is a slow, gradual process but we look forward to the time when he can be trusted to have the free run of the house.

Grayshus Helena Valentine 'Ellie'

DOB: 14th June 2004

Ellie is our blue cream tortie colourpoint. She has settled into our family beautifully and she is a real little character. She always seems to be busy, involved in everything and loves to 'help' us whenever she can. Ellie is a very friendly, chatty Ragdoll and follows us around the house. She is a very cuddly, happy girl and she seems to purr continually, even when she is asleep.


VelvetSky Orsino Snowmitts

DOB: 12th March 2005


Orsino was Orlando's very first kitten and was a single kitten, born to Belle in March 2005. He is a perfectly marked seal mitted, a chunky little man with the most wonderful purrsonality. He is such a special Ragdoll to us and we could not bear to part with him, so he stayed! Orsino is a quiet, gentle Ragdoll, who just loves to be with us as much as possible. He really does follow us from room to room and is always close by. He enjoys the company of all our other cats and loves to be with Toby, our Cavalier too.

Sonnywood Marshmallow

DOB: July 2005


Mallow is our blue tortie bicolour Ragdoll. She is a very quiet, shy girl and not as out going as our other Raggies, but she has settled into our family well. She enjoys the company of all our cats and is happiest on a warm sunny day, lazing in the catrun with the rest of our Raggie family. Mallow had one litter, of two kittens, Lilia and Chester, the last ever VelvetSky babies. She was a very dedicated, protective Mum.

VelvetSky Lilia

DOB: 25th August 2006


Lilia is one of Mallow's kittens. She is blue bi-colour and although completely mismaked, such a beautiful little Ragdoll. Unlike her Mum, who is quite timid, she has a very out going nature and if there is trouble, Lilia is in the centre of it! She is an affectionate, gentle Ragdoll and she stayed with us as she and her brother were our last ever VelvetSky Raggie kittens and simply we could just not let them go!




VelvetSky Mr Rochester 'Chester'

DOB: 25th August 2006


Last but by no means least, meet Chester, our cream colourpoint. He is Lilia's brother and is an absolute gem. He is confident, gentle, friendly, playful and so affectionate. He loves the hoover and as soon as it it taken out and switched on he lays and the bottom stair and waits to be 'hoovered' with the upholstery attachment!