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Tiffany Comes Home
Living with Ragdolls
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Living With Ragdolls


Tiffany aged 8 months.For us, being owned by a Ragdoll has been an amazing experience that has, in the truest sense, changed our lives. Since Tiffany’s arrival into our lives we have fallen under the spell of this remarkable breed and have come to understand the warning Shirley gave us, back in 1998, that the breed is addictive.


Tiffany aged four.We have watched Tiffany grow and mature into a wonderful cat from the tiny, white fluff ball that we fell in love with. Her coat is dense and soft, with a low tendency to matt and she has the beautiful characteristic ruff and knickerbockers. It has been fascinating to watch the blue coloration of her coat deepen and spread, enhancing her white mitts, chest and dainty chin. It is only when we look back at earlier photographs that we really appreciate just how much her colour has changed (top tip: take lots of photos of your kitten!) At nearly five years old, Tiffany is now fully grown and has completed her transformation into the classic English looking Ragdoll.


The Ragdoll character is wonderful to know too. Tiffany is a gentle, quiet little girl, who spends most of the morning napping on the sofa, so she has enough energy for her afternoon snooze!It's a hard life looking so beautiful!! She shows typical signs of Ragdoll behaviour because she likes to be close to us, but she does not do the ‘flop’ that is associated with the breed. She is very fussy about her coat and if we dare to disturb it when stroking her, then she shows her disapproval by washing it flat again! I would not wish you to get the idea that Tiffany spends all day washing and sleeping, because of course this is not the case. Every day at about 8pm Tiffany shows another side to her quiet nature as she joins our other cats for their daily cat chase around the furniture, up the stairs, through the bedrooms, back down the stairs and out into the cat run, via the cat flap. This is our cats way of reminding us we have not fed them yet!


So enchanted with the Ragdoll breed are we that in 2001, after much thought and discussion, we decided we would not just like to be owned by a Ragdoll, but would like to breed them, so we began searching again, this time for a breeding girl…….