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New Arrivals


Chloe’s kitten's were expected on or around 28th August 2002. Chloe at 8 weeks pregnant.As this date approached, Chloe’s abdomen became noticeably larger and then about two weeks before the kittens were due we could see small movements where the babies were moving around. If we placed a hand on her tummy we could feel their little bodies pushing against her skin, as they kicked and jostled inside her. It was a special moment for us.


Chloe was by now sleeping in our room at night, as this was where the kittening box was set up, but the nights were not peaceful. Chloe was wakeful and spent much of the time crunching cat biscuits, clawing the scratch post and often she even had enough energy to ‘kill’ our toes. Her busy nights did not seem to trouble her though, as she spent all day lazing out in the cat run. It was just us who were dog tired!


A week to go and we were ready, with everything on Shirley’s list, from the New Breeders Guidance Programme, gathered, the kittening box prepared and our fingers crossed that everything would go to plan. Chloe showed no interest in the box at all, despite Is this a good place Dad?being introduced to it on a number of occasions and encouraged to try it for size, so we just hoped that she would get the idea when things started to happen. In the meantime we kept a very close eye on her so she did not sneak off and have her kittens in Matthew’s bed or somewhere equally inconvenient, but so like Chloe!


On Sunday 25th August 2002, we noticed Chloe’s behaviour change. She lost her appetite, was restless and was being more vocal than usual. Thinking that ‘this was it’ we spent all day close to Chloe, watching her every move and again trying to encourage her into the kittening box. Still she showed no interest at all and spent all day wandering about, with us in hot pursuit, trying to keep her out of inaccessible corners! By the evening there was no sign of any kittens or any positive sign that Chloe intended producing any in the very near future, so we collapsed into bed and tried to get some much needed sleep. Morning arrived, but still no kittens! All day Monday we observed Chloe closely, while she sat watching us wondering what all the fuss was about. She was more settled than she had been on the previous day and although she was not eating very much her behaviour seemed to be returning back to normal.


1st baby being born.By Monday evening we had resigned ourselves to the fact that nothing was going to happen just yet, so we relaxed a little and tried to think about something else. Darren went upstairs to have a bath at 9pm, while I sat with my Mum, chatting and watching the television. At 9.15pm, I heard Chloe cry and it was not her usual sound, so I went to check on her. She was sat half way up the stairs and as soon as she saw me she cried again as if to say ‘Mum, it is happening.’ Then she ran upstairs, turned to make sure I was following, ran into our bedroom and headed straight into the kittening box. She laid in the box, crying at me gently and then I saw the first contraction, as her abdomen tightened and stretched.  A minute or two later another, then for a while nothing. I called to Darren, my Mum, Matthew (12) and Clare (10) and we all sat quietly watching and waiting. At 9.30pm the contractions began again, this time visibly stronger and more frequent. Darren and I sat close to Chloe, talking to her gently, while Mum, Matthew and Clare sat on our bed quietly watching the miracle of life unfold. At 10.12pm we watched the first kitten being born and how Chloe, despite being inexperienced, knew just what to do. She cleaned up the kitten and guided him towards a nipple, where he began to suckle. The second kitten was born at 11pm, this time a breech delivery, but still Chloe managed to do everything without our intervention and again cleaned the kitten beautifully. At 11.50pm the last A very proud and tired Mum.kitten was born, again a breech delivery and as Chloe was becoming tired, she needed a little help.


By 1am Chloe was laying in the kittening box, purring, as her three precious babies snuggled into her, suckling. The very first VelvetSky Ragdolls had arrived and we had realised a dream. For each of us it was a truly amazing experience and one we shall cherish always.