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Please note that we ask all our kitten owners to sign our homing agreement when they place a deposit to reserve a kitten. We hope you will understand that the agreement is purely designed to protect the welfare of our VelvetSky babies. If you feel that you are unable to agree to the following, then we are sorry, but we shall be unable to home one of our kittens with you.


Kitten Homing Agreement


Conditions of Sale Agreed by the Purchaser and Breeders

1. At the time of homing, it is agreed by both parties that the kitten is in a good state of health. It is recommended that the purchaser take the kitten to a veterinary surgeon for a general health check and registration, within the first 48 hours.


2. All reasonable care should be taken for the kitten’s welfare at all times. The kitten is homed on the basis of being an indoor cat only and must not be allowed to ‘free roam’. In case of illness or accident, veterinary advice must be sought immediately.


3. This kitten is registered with the GCCF on the non-active register and is sold as a pet. Under no circumstances must the kitten be used for breeding with the same or any other cat breed.


4. This kitten should be neutered by a veterinary surgeon no later than seven months of age, i.e. by …………………………. The GCCF Transfer of Ownership Certificate will be withheld until confirmation has been received by the breeders, from a veterinary surgeon, that this kitten has been neutered.


5. The kitten is homed as a pet only and must not be entered in any cat show without our written permission.


6. The kitten must not at anytime be re-homed or re-sold without the breeders’ prior knowledge. In the event that the purchaser wishes to re-home the kitten the breeders reserve the right to take the kitten back or to participate in finding a new home.


7. The kitten must not be taken out of the UK at anytime. If in the future you relocate outside of the UK, then we reserve the right to take the Ragdoll back and find them a new home.


8. Should it be found that any of the above conditions are not being adhered to, then the breeders reserve the right to take immediate possession of the kitten. No monies will be refunded and the purchaser will be liable for any veterinary fees for a period of 48 hours after repossession.


Please note, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a kitten at any time. Should this occur, all monies paid will be refunded, in full, immediately.